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"Doing both cutting edge and operational research in haematology and transfusion medicine with a view to push the frontier of human knowledge and using this knowledge for the benefit of our countrymen in particular and humanity in general, through innovation, improvisation, indigenization, synthesis of ancient wisdom with modern science and by dissemination of the knowledge thus gained".

This will translate into :

  • Developing strong basic science research in understanding the pathobiology of various haematological and related disorders using all the modern tools of biology and medicine.
  • Using the findings of the above mentioned research for developing diagnostic reagents / tools / processes and management strategies for various haematological disorders.
  • Developing and incorporating all the recent developments in Transfusion Medicine research for answering the challenges of Transfusion Medicine in this country.
  • Developing clinical trials and clinical research for haematological disorders suitable for wide application in our country.
  • Developing strong inter disciplinary research involving various ICMR, Non ICMR and International Institutes in the area of Haemopoietic Stem Cell, Viruses, Angiogenesis Recombinant DNA technology, Gene therapy, Immuno modulation, Epigenetic Modification, Leukaemia and other Haemopoietic Tumour Biology, Development of new chemical entities for Haematological Disorders, Thrombosis and Haemoglobinopathy Research.
  • Involving the Institute to all National Programmes involved in control and management of haematological disorders and delivery of services for transfusion medicine across the country.
  • Synthesizing the information from modern medicine and the ancient wisdom of Indian Systems of medicine towards development of better understanding of haematological disorders and management strategies for different haematological disorder.
  • Finally the staff of the Institute will follow the adage " whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might".